Coming Summer 2021

Smart Home Security

Impossibly Simple. Mysteriously Accurate.

Motion Detecting

Hex is a wave-based security system that uses artificial intelligence (AI). Think of your home as a pool. As you move through this pool of waves, they will bounce, break, and bend around you. Hex senses motion detection by how much the waves are disrupted and will notify you from the app.

Our ambient sensing has custom sensitivity levels to filter out pets, people, or even minor motion like a fan blowing a curtain. Set your sensitivity level to determine the motion you care about, without limiting the range of security coverage.  

Sensing Bubble

Here’s how wave-based security works. Your system includes at least 2 devices: a Hex Command and a Hex Sense. Your devices create a sensing bubble that covers the area between and around them. It wraps around corners, sees through walls, and stretches or shrinks based on device placement.

To expand your sensing bubble, add another Sense to your system. This will fill your home with more waves and increase your total area of coverage. 

More Coverage, More Accuracy

So unlike current analog security systems, Hex is able to cover more square footage and have less blind spots. Hex's sensing can see through doors, walls, and rooms to ensure every inch is detected. When unwanted motion is detected in Away mode, it will trigger Hex's siren and you will receive a notification.

1,2,3 ... Protect

Set up in only minutes. Our mobile app will walk you through the process, just download the app, plug in, and connect to wifi.

Sit back as our patented technology takes care of the rest!