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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need at least 1 Hex Command and 1 Hex Sense, an Android/IOS device, and home WiFi.

Our mobile app performs best on IOS's software 11.0 and above.

Hex Sense is 2 inches in diameter and 1.7 inches depth.

Hex Command is 4 inches in diameter and 1.4 inches depth.

For self monitoring, there are no monthly fees! The app is freely yours, and you can use this to monitor your home.

Professional monitoring will be available in September for only $9.99/month. With this service, a professional monitoring center will contact you and then local authorities in the event of an intrusion or break-in.

When choosing a kit, we recommend basing it on you home's first floor square footage. Here are our kit options and the recommended home sizes.

1000 Sq ft (1 Command + 1 Sense): Great for apartments and condos.

1500 Sq ft (1 Command + 2 Senses) This is the most common kit. Great for average size homes or larger apartments.

2000 Sq ft (1 Command + 3 Senses): Best for larger homes.

This should cover the first floor of your home. If you prefer more coverage, simply add a Hex Sense to your system.

Hex Senses have a built-in siren. It will trigger fast high-pitched beeps if motion is detected in Away mode. The siren is 73 decibels, about as loud as a classic analog alarm clock (or vacuum cleaner, or blender). You can always adjust the volume at any time using the app, under device settings.

Yes. Multiple people can download the Hex app and share account credentials. Soon, we will support multiple accounts.

Check out our YouTube video here on Home, Away, and Guardian mode.

Use Home mode when you and your family are home. Activity will be monitored, but the siren and notifications will not be triggered.

Use Away mode when you and your family are not home. When activity is detected, Hex will trigger the siren and notifications.

Use Guardian mode when you want to monitor activity in the home and receive notifications, but do not want to trigger the siren. This is helpful when you want to keep an eye on daily activities in your home (e.g. kids, dog walker). Guardian mode is also a great tool for caregivers to monitor their loved ones.

Check out our YouTube video here on Exit and Entry delay.

Entry delay is a countdown timer that starts if motion is detected in Away mode. The purpose is to give you some time to switch modes when you arrive home. It gives you time to disarm the system. 

Exit delay is also a countdown timer. It starts when you switch to Away mode. The purpose is to give you some time to leave your home, so you don’t immediately trigger the siren.

If motion is detected in Away mode, the siren will go off, and you will receive a notification of the activity.

Need help with setup?

You can create an account on our mobile app. Go to either the Google Play or Apple Store, search for “Hex Home”, then download the app. Once it’s downloaded, just enter an email and password, and then confirm your email address.

It’s super easy! We’ll walk you through it in the app. All you have to do is select your home WiFi and enter the password.

Place your devices in open, central areas of your home, away from large appliances and TV’s, and 2-4 feet off the ground. Leave 15-30 feet, or 1-2 rooms between a Hex Command and Hex Sense, while keeping them on the same floor.

For the best performance, we suggest not placing your Hex Senses in areas where your pet(s) may spend a lot of time. For example, next to their bed, crate, or food and water bowls.

Make sure you adjust your sensitivity levels based on the size of your pets to reduce false alarms!

Off = everything is good

Stable orange = lost connection to Home WiFi

Blinking orange = lost connection with a Sense

Blinking white = Firmware updating

Green = factory resetting

Off = everything is good

Warm yellow= Pathway light activated by motion location

Blinking red = Motion detected in away mode or the panic button is activated

Breathing red = Away mode - exit delay and exit fail tolerance

Blinking orange = Sense is paired with a Command but can’t find it

Breathing white = firmware updating

Green = factory resetting

If you are removing a device from your system, it is necessary to factory reset the device before repairing.

On the Hex Command, there is a small gray button on the bottom. Use a pen to hold this button down for 10 seconds and release. The light on your Command will turn green.

On the Hex Senses, there is a small pinhole on the side of the device. Use a pin to hold the button down for 10 seconds and release. The light on your Sense will turn green.

Follow these steps to trouble shoot your Hex Command:

1. Check that your electrical outlet is working.

2. Make sure the adaptor is fully inserted into the Hex Command.

3. Power on again.

If still no white light, contact customer service at

If you're having issues with your device connecting to the Hex Command's WiFi network instead of your home network, follow the below instructions to forget it on your device.


1. Go to Settings > WiFi

2. Tap the "i" or information icon next to the "MyHexXXX" network

3. Tap "Forget This Network", then "Forget" to confirm


1. Go to Settings > WiFi

2. Tap and hold the "MyHexXXX" network and select "Forget network"

To make the Siren's volume quieter or louder:

1. Go to Devices.

2. Select the Sense you want to adjust.
(The Siren is in the Sense devices)

3. Move the slider under "Siren Volume" to adjust the volume.

To change the brightness on the Sense devices:

1. Go to Devices.

2. Select the Sense you want to adjust.

3. Move the slider under "LED Brightness" to adjust the brightness.