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Send emergency response
to anywhere, at anytime

3 ways to contact professional services in the event of an emergency

Classic Protection

When motion is detected in Away mode, you will receive a push notification and Noonlight will reach out via personalized SMS and/or phone call to make sure you’re safe. If an emergency is confirmed or you are unable to respond, Noonlight will dispatch emergency services to your home. 

HELP! On-the-Go Button

In addition to 24/7 professional home monitoring, up to 4 people in your family can receive on-the-go protection, via a Noonlight powered Help! button in the Hex app.

How does it work? When you’re feeling unsafe, simply open the Hex app, and hold the safety button. Once you’re safe, release the button and hit cancel. When in danger, just release the button and Noonlight will notify police with your phone's exact GPS location.

Instant Activation

In the event that you’re in Home or Guardian mode and receive a notification or believe there is suspicious activity in your home, you can hold down the Hex Siren button to manually sound the Siren in your Hex Senses. Noonlight will be contacted and send you a personalized SMS and/or phone call. If an emergency is confirmed or you are unable to respond, Noonlight will dispatch emergency services to your home. 

Trusted agents are always on standby to help you in the event of an emergency


Emergency is triggered

An event is triggered within the Hex app and Noonlight's trusted agents are notified.


Text or phone call notification

Noonlight will immediately text and call you to make sure you're safe.


911 dispatch

If the emergency is confirmed or there's no response, 911 dispatch will be sent to your home or personal GPS location (HELP! on-the-go).

Our Plans

We offer flexible subscription options to fit your families' needs. Professional monitoring is always optional.

DIY Monitoring


Self monitor your home at no additional costs.

Essential Monthly


No contracts or commitments

Essential Yearly


Year-round protection with a 
$20 savings

Protect 1 location

24/7 Police Dispatch
Help! On-the-go for up to 4 family members
Home Insurance Discount (up to 20% off)

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