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NosillaCast: CES 2021: Hex Home Security

March 17, 2021 1 min read

CES 2021: Hex Home Security

NosillaCast | 1/21/2021

Dan Bugos, product manager for Origin Wireless, joins Allison Sheridan to talk about their Hex Home security product. This is a small puck called Hex Command that you connect to your network and two very small Hex Sense devices that plug into normal outlets. With these three simple devices, the Origin Wireless Motion Engine not only senses disturbances in the WiFi waves they create but also analyzes the disturbances to identify humans versus pets. The Hex Senses include an alarm that will be triggered if it senses intruders in your home. The Hex Home starter kit will include the Command and two Senses for $179 and will cover 1500 square feet. Since the system is meant to detect intruders, it's not required to cover an additional upper floor in a larger home. Origin Wireless will also be offering professional in-home monitoring in the future using the Hex Home system. The Hex Home security system will be available in Summer 2021 at If you want to learn more about the underlying technology and their AI engines, go to