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Benefits of a Camera Free Home Security System

June 24, 2021 3 min read

As you seek the best home security system, your search results will be flooded with surveillance camera options. Approximately 20 percent of homes in the U.S. use security cameras to protect against break-ins, but that doesn’t mean they are the right security option for you. Advances in technology, coupled with growing privacy threats, have led concerned homeowners to question whether cameras are still the best, safest way to secure their homes. By implementing a camera-free security system, you can take advantage of impressive and valuable benefits. 

Avoid Hacking and Privacy Risks

Security cameras used to be hardwired, but they are now wireless, connected to the internet and therefore vulnerable to hacking. There have beenrising reports of hackers spyingthrough security cameras, observing deeply private and personal activities. 

In addition to the cameras themselves being hacked, modern camera-based DIY home security packages store everything they record in the cloud, which means that footage is also accessible to cybercriminals. Motion sensor security systems eliminate this vulnerability.

No Liability Considerations

Many people with security cameras may not realize that their outdoor cameras could leave them vulnerable to lawsuits. If your neighbor believes that your camera is pointed at their bedroom window or their front door, you could be liable for privacy infringement. And, if your camera records someone’s conversation without their consent, you could be breaking the law in select states. Additionally, facial recognition features (found on Nest cameras) are illegal in parts of the U.S.

Fewer Blind Spots

Surveillance cameras are inherently limited in what they can capture, restricted by their specific placement and range. Hex Home’s WiFi Sensing technology reaches around corners, behind curtains, and through walls, covering more square footage than their camera-reliant counterparts. There’s no sneaking past Hex!

Independence and Comfort While Caregiving

Many caretakers use security systems for monitoring elderly loved ones. For seniors, having security cameras in the home can feel invasive, removing their sense of independence and privacy. 

Even outside of caregiving situations, security cameras can make people uncomfortable, giving them the uneasy feeling that they’re being watched and recorded when they’re in a casual setting. A security system without a camera, such as Hex Home, offers a non-invasive way for caretakers to check in on loved ones and ensure their safety without breaching their privacy. It also puts guests and others at ease knowing their every move and conversation isn’t being video recorded.

Easier Installation

Setting up surveillance cameras can be complicated and time consuming, which is why many large security companies charge a big installation fee. When you opt for a home security system that uses motion sensors instead, setup is as easy as placing the sensors on entry points and windows. Hex Home simplifies installation even further, only requiring three WiFi Sensing devices that are ready to monitor your home the second they’re plugged in. 

Lower Cost 

Outfitting your property with traditional security cameras can come with a hefty price tag. Those expensive cameras have a history of being stolen off the sides of houses. Even the lower-profile cameras offered in some DIY home security packages are pricier than the camera-free options. In order to capture all angles of your home, you’ll need a minimum of four cameras, and equipment costs add up quickly.

No More False Alarms

Modern security cameras, including those offered in DIY home security programs, come with motion detection and automatic recording that can lead to false alarms. This is of larger concern if the system then contacts authorities. Look for a security system with customizable sensitivity settings that will adjust for pets and other expected disturbances. Hex Home’s Guardian mode offers an ideal balance for those wanting to monitor their home without raising an alarm. 

WiFi Sensing, the Perfect Camera Alternative

The best home security system on the market is a security system without cameras. Hex Home’s exciting WiFi Sensing system monitors WiFi waves in the home to vigilantly detect movement, controlled through a user-friendly app. This revolutionary technology guarantees accuracy, security, safety, and ease while maintaining privacy.

Intrigued? Hex Home is reinventing the home security industry and it could offer you and your family the camera-free security solution you’ve been looking for.