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Why Guardian Mode is Exactly What You're Looking For in Home Security

June 02, 2021 3 min read

Your search for the right home security system that fits your unique needs ends with Hex Home. With Guardian mode, a signature feature of Hex Home security systems, you can monitor the activity in your home, or the home of a loved one, throughout the day. 

While the security of your home when you are away is an obvious primary concern, Guardian mode puts extensive monitoring options in your hands by providing notifications on activity in your home without sounding the alarm. Checking if the dog walker arrived for the mid-day walk, seeing that your kids are on time getting home from school, and monitoring your aging parents’ activity and mobility are easy with Guardian mode. 

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By measuring the movement within your home over the course of the day, you get valuable insights with the Hex Home smart security system. Guardian mode on Hex Home empowers you to protect your loved ones throughout the day. Caregiving isn’t always easy, but Hex can help.

Monitor your kids’ activity

Guardian mode helps you keep an eye on the every day activity around your home. You’ll see the motion in your home increase when the kids come home from school, and you can even deduce whether they have friends over by the volume and location of motion. Or, if you’re in the office early one morning, you can use Hex to see if your household has overslept with real time motion stats. Hex Home Security gives you peace of mind with Guardian mode.

Check in on your aging parents

Caring for your parents as they age can be a challenge. With Hex’s Guardian mode, you can respect your parents’ independence and privacy while still staying abreast of their daily life. Guardian mode shows you the level of movement within your parents’ home, so you know if they’ve gotten up in the morning, went to the kitchen for meals, or even if they’ve been in one place for too long. By receiving alerts on daily activities, you get the peace of mind knowing they are safe and stay in the know of decreases in activity that may need attention. The motion history feature can provide useful information for you and your parents as you navigate their transition to older age. 

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Localize monitoring with more Hex Senses

With the addition of another Hex Sense or two, you can determine more specifically where there is motion in your home. With different areas of your house reporting motion at the same time, you can get an idea for how many people are in the home at a given time. Guardian mode providesnotifications on active motions based on the location of each Hex Sense, which will help youfigure out if your kids have friends over or if your parents have come downstairs yet on a given day. 

Activate Siren in Guardian Mode

If your Guardian mode data gives you cause for concern, you can press the Siren button to activate the siren in your Hex Sense devices. Activating the siren will also alert emergency response if you opt for the professional monitoring, available in September 2021. Hex Home is a WiFi alarm system that provides you real time interaction with your household, 24 hours a day. 

Hex Home is a motion sensor alarm system with a major perk— Guardian mode. Guardian mode sets Hex apart from the other home security system options on the market. Determining the right package for your security needs is easy, and you can always add a Sense or two later, if your monitoring preferences change.Place your order for the best smart home security system on the market and make the switch to Hex Home today!