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Why Home Security Is Important During Summer Vacation Season

May 21, 2021 2 min read

Summer vacation season is here, and there’s no better time to secure your home with Hex. Summer is the peak season for household burglary, according to a study published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and "on average, household burglary rates were approximately 11% lower in winter, 9% lower in spring, and about 6% lower in fall than in summer."

With that in mind, don’t let another summer pass without upgrading your home security system. It’s actually a quick and easy process. Skip complicated installations and outdated equipment by opting for Hex Home. Once you’ve completed the effortless set-up, monitor your home with ease with the Hex Home app.


family at beach on summer vacation

Upgrade Your Home Security for Summer Vacation Season

Set out for your long-awaited summer vacation knowing that your home is in good hands with Hex Home. Studies show that home security concerns increase during the summer months, but that doesn’t need to slow your vacation momentum. Set up your Hex smart security system in just minutes before you launch on your summer adventure. You’ll be more free to be present in each moment with your family, rather than preoccupied with concerns about the security of everything back home.

Best home security system for easy monitoring

Have More Peace of Mind with Wave-Based Security

Hex uses award-winning wave-based technology to monitor your home without the use of cameras. Imagine that your home is the swimming pool and that Hex measures the ripples of movement within the exterior walls. So while you’re relaxing by the actual pool, Hex is monitoring the WiFi waves in your home for the utmost home security protection. A WiFi alarm system, using the newest technology, Hex Home is a simple, effective home security option.

manage home security anywhere with Hex home security app

Monitor Your Home with Ease, From Anywhere

Managing dog-sitters, housekeepers or home maintenance personnel from wherever your vacation takes you is easy with the Hex Home app. Adjust your security modes and settings as needed, in real time. You can even activate the siren from the app, if you have reason to believe potential intruders need to be deterred.

Don’t let your home security concerns put a damper on your summer vacation enjoyment this year. Instead, get set up with Hex Home for the best home security system available.