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How Does WiFi Wave-Based Technology Work in Home Security?

May 06, 2021 2 min read

The Hex Home security system is a simple and accessible wifi alarm system that boasts incredible accuracy, but how does it work? Hex Home is a WiFi wave-based security system that provides highly sensitive home monitoring. With WiFi wave-based sensing, Hexuses safe and secure WiFi wavesto monitor your home security with the utmost privacy. The intuitive app also offers endless ways to customize your settings and notifications, as well as a siren button to activate the alarm in your home, even when you are not there. 


Hex Home Wave Based Security System

How is Hex different? 

Hex uses award winning new technology to monitor your home.Current home security systems use countless motion sensors, contact sensors, keypads, hubs, and more to protect your home. This antiquated technology has been around for decades and still has the same problems: it’s difficult to set up, there are blind spots in your home, and numerous false alarms. 

Hex Home uses two devices: Hex Command, a surface sitting pod, and Hex Sense, a sensor that’s easily plugged into an outlet. Simply download the app, plug in your devices, connect them to WiFi, and you’re done! Now, Hex detects motion based on the disruptions in the WiFi waves.

WiFi Wave-Based Sensing Benefits

Hex is a safe, WiFi wave-based security system.Using WiFi waves, Hex detects movement within your home when these waves are disrupted. Each Hex Sense covers up to 1000 square feet, and is highly customizable according to the square footage and layout of your home. Often, the square footage of the first level of your home is all that you need to secure with Hex Home’s WiFi alarm system.

home security with privacy levels

Achieve Safety without Sacrificing Privacy

You can be sure your information is safe with Hex. With award winning technology developed by Hex’s parent company,Origin Wireless, Hex offers industry leading security protocols and encryption methods to store your private sensing data. Not only does Hex offer high level security without the use of cameras, but the encryption methods will stop even the most motivated of hackers. Choose a smart security system with top-of-the-industry privacy protection with Hex.

Get Less False Alarms with Hex

With 10 sensitivity levels and customized scheduling options, your notifications and alerts are accurate with Hex.Up to 90% of traditional security system notifications are inaccurate, but with Hex, you can adjust the sensitivity of monitoring easily using your Hex Home app. Lower sensitivity levels filter out your pet’s movements or the automatic vacuum cleaner, while still offering the utmost security. You can adjust your settings at any time, so if your plans change, your security settings can, too. A motion sensor alarm system that is entirely customizable, Hex Home is the best smart home security system on the market. 

Choose a WiFi home security system that delivers precise security with premium privacy with Hex. With Hex’s simple set up, you can outfit your home with state of the art security in just a few minutes. Start a new season of home protection with Hex today.