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How to Choose the Right Hex Home Security Kit for Your Family

April 14, 2021 4 min read

Confidence in your home security system is an essential element of modern life. Your home is your refuge, and knowing you’ve done everything possible to ensure its security is a major comfort. Whether you are protecting a modest home or an extensive property, Hex has a solution for your home security needs. Using the latest technology, Hex offers faster setup, simpler hardware, more precise security surveillance, and more privacy. Hex Home truly offers the best DIY home security system on the market. 


Best home security for your family


As technology advances, home security systems must advance, too. Hex offers essential security options that are relevant to your particular space and security needs. Plus, the Hex Home app offers endless ways to customize your home security settings and notifications. Each of our cutting-edge motion sensors, the Hex Sense, paired with the Command, covers up to 1000 square feet on one floor of your home, so you can configure your Senses according to your specific security needs. 

DIY Security for Your Apartment

If you live in an apartment or condo, you can easily and affordably outfit your home’s security system with Hex Home. Since the majority of home break-ins occur on the first floor, you likely get the coverage you need by calculating the first floor square footage of your apartment or condo. Of course, if you have an exterior entrance on another floor due to a basement or adjoined balcony, you may decide to use Hex on both floors.


apartment security system


Hex’s AI technology easily filters out the movement of your furry companions, which leads to fewer false alarms. Plus, with three different monitoring settings, as well as other custom sensitivity options on the Hex app, you can be assured that you are getting the level of notifications that you want. Hex Home is a smart home security system with no monthly fee, but you can add 24/7 professional monitoring for a small monthly fee if you choose. For as little as $179.99, you can secure your home and ensure that it remains a safe haven.

Security System for Your Family Home

If your household is less of a calm refuge and more of a bustling hub of endless activity, Hex can make your life easier and safer. Let Hex give you the peace of mind you need as you make sure home is a safe place for you and your family. From securing your home from break-ins to monitoring the comings and goings of your kids, Hex offers you many smart home security setting options with the Hex app.



Security on-the-go

Included in your Hex Home app, there is an on-the-go panic buttonvia a Noonlight powered safety button that offers up to four family members an extra measure of protection.How does it work? When you’re feeling unsafe, simply open the Hex app, and hold the safety button. Once you’re safe, release the button and enter your 4-digit PIN. This signals to Noonlight that you’re okay. But when in danger, release the button and do not enter your PIN. Noonlight will notify police with your exact location and emergency.

All the while, at home, the Hex senses are smart enough to filter out your vacuum robot as it cruises around after you all leave home for the day. Our unique Vigilant mode lets you monitor activity in your home without setting off the alarm. This is great for monitoring your kids coming home from school, a dog walker entering and exiting, or even to keep an eye on an elderly loved one to make sure they’re safe throughout the day. 

To get started, simply calculate your first-floor square footage and order accordingly on the Hex Home site to get started. If your first-floor living space is approximately 1500 square feet, you can secure it for just $199.99, with 2 Hex Security Senses. Set up takes just minutes, so once your Hex system arrives, you’ll be protected right away. 

Security System for a Large Property

Some homes require more complex Hex Home configurations. If your home consists of a large first floor or a detached garage or shop that you want to secure, Hex can be configured to give you all the security monitoring you need. For your main living space, simply calculate your first-floor square footage and order accordingly. Be sure to consider if you have a basement exterior entrance or garage to ensure complete security coverage. 

Of course, if you have an exterior basement entrance or another floor of the home that’s prone to break-ins, you’ll want to monitor that part of the house as well. In order to secure multiple floors of your home, you will need a separate system for each floor. Don’t panic, this is super easy to set up and manage in our mobile app! You can add multiple systems to your account and seamlessly arm and disarm with a few taps.


security system for large complex


Do you have more than one building on your property that needs security? Hex is here for it. As long as there is a WiFi connection, you can use Hex home security systems in outbuildings such as pool houses, guest suites and garages. With a built-in 73 decibel siren, any unwanted intruders will know they are found out as soon as they enter the building. Plus, with optional 24/7 monitoring, your local authorities can be notified immediately, as well.

Don’t let your home security system become obsolete. Let Hex Home provide you with all the tools you need to make your home secure. It’s cost-effective, easy to install and endlessly customizable, depending on your specific needs. Get started with Hex Home today.