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The Ambient: CES 2021: The Ambient's top smart home picks revealed

March 03, 2021 1 min read

CES 2021: The Ambient's top smart home picks revealed | 1/14/2021

CES 2021 may have been a little - actually, a heck of a lot - different to how the show usually goes down, with keynotes, launches and exhibitors showing of their new tech virtually this year; but that doesn't mean it's been a CES devoid of great device launches.

On the smart home front we've seen a couple of key themes emerge; Alexa multi-room music spreading its wings a bit and home security becoming even smarter.

Read on for our pick of CES 2021 'top picks'... launches that really made us sit up and take notice.

Origin Wireless Hex Home

Origin Wireless' Hex Home is a Wi-Fi sensing home security system that ditches multiple smart sensors in favor of just three pieces of kit to monitor your home.

You simply plug in a Command hub and two Senses (wall plug-ins) and they transmit a Wi-Fi field that's constantly watching for any "bags of water" to move through it.

If it detects one while its armed, the system can trigger a built-in 80dB alarm. It can be self-monitored from its app, or you can sign up for professional monitoring.

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