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The Ambient: Hex Home is a Wi-Fi sensing home security system

March 03, 2021 2 min read

Hex Home is a Wi-Fi sensing home security system

Sensors aren't needed with this false-alarm free smart security system | 1/13/2021

There are a lot of DIY smart home security systems available, so do we really need another one? Yes, if it can do something completely different.

Unveiled at CES 2021 this week, Origin Wireless' Hex Home is a Wi-Fi sensing smart home security solution that ditches multiple motion and contact sensors in favor of just three pieces of kit to monitor a 1,500 square foot home.

This means no need to stick white plastic gizmos to every door and window, and no batteries to worry about changing.

Instead, you plug in a Command hub and two Senses (wall plug-ins with ambient light rings built-in) and they transmit a Wi-Fi field that's constantly watching for any "bags of water" to move through it.

When it detects one while its armed, the system triggers a built-in 80dB alarm. It can be self-monitored from its app, or you can sign up for professional monitoring.

“The home security industry has used the same complicated, expensive hardware for decades,” said Dr. Ray Liu, Founder and CEO of Origin Wireless. “With Hex Home, we’re redefining home security by offering a simple, easy to use solution based on cutting-edge proprietary technology.”

Origin Wireless developed the proprietary tech in the system, which is also used in the Linksys Velop routers to alert you when there's motion in your home.

The biggest advantage of Hex Home, says the company, is no more false alarms.

Using AI technology, Hex Home's adjustable sensitivity levels can filter out any-sized pets and even ignore your robot vacuum. It will also learn about movement in your home and allow you to adjust the sensitivity so your alarm will only be triggered by a person.

The Wi-Fi sensing tech is also blind-spot free, as it can see through walls and around corners, unlike traditional PIR sensors. This is why you only need a couple of devices to cover your home.

How well this tech actually works for security, especially compared to a more "traditional" security system, remains to be seen. We'll be reviewing it as soon as it's available.

Hex Home launches this spring for $179.99 and will be available at as well as through retail channels.