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Multiple Syndications: Origin's Hex Home security system analyses motion with simple sensors

February 24, 2021 2 min read

Origin's Hex Home security system analyses motion with simple sensors | 1/11/2021 | 1/11/2021 | 1/12/2021

This system claims to monitor your whole home with just a couple devices.

Origin wants to do away with large, multi-device home security systems. Its latest offering -- Hex Home -- relies on just two pieces of hardware: a Hex Command and a Hex Sense. 

The Hex Command is the hub of the system, while the plug-in Hex Sense device has a built-in siren and monitors motion. Add additional Hex Sense accessories depending on the size of your space. Origin says one Hex Command and two Hex Sense plugs should cover up to 1,500 square feet. And that's it; that's the complete system.

Origin also claims that Hex Home is easy to install -- just download the Hex app, plug in the Hex Command power adapter and plug the Hex Sense into the wall, then connect to your Wi-Fi network. 

Once the system is connected, it's supposed to monitor motion activity and alert you if something happens. Switch among different security modes in the app manually or create a schedule based on your typical routine. You're also supposed to be able to adjust the sensitivity of the system's motion to avoid erroneous alerts. 

I'm not entirely sure how this is different than any other Wi-Fi-enabled system, except that it includes fewer devices. If Hex Home somehow manages to monitor more of a home more effectively with fewer products, that's pretty exciting. We'll just have to test it out for ourselves to see for sure. 

The Hex Home by Origin starts at $180 for a self-monitored system and will be available this spring. Customers can also opt for 24/7 professional monitoring for a monthly fee.