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TrendHunter: Hex Home is a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree

February 24, 2021 1 min read

Hex Home is a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree | 1/11/2021

Origin Wireless' Hex Home is a wave-based home security system that offers a modern alternative to traditional systems that are costly, complicated to set up and often easily triggered by false alarms. Hex Home, a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree, is a plug-and-play DIY system that works with a companion app to provide peace of mind.

Hex Home consists of the Hex Command pod and Hex Sense plug-in and both of them work together to monitor a home using WiFi waves. Powered by artificial intelligence technology, Hex Home is capable of detecting mechanical and pet motions to prevent the system from being tripped.

The simple system is designed to offer more coverage with less complexity, as just one Hex Command and two Hex Senses help to secure up to 1,500 square feet.