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Gear Brain: The Best of CES 2021: Tech that will shape your life this year

March 10, 2021 2 min read

The Best of CES 2021: Tech that will shape your life this year | 1/14/2021

The end of certainly the most unusual CES in history has come, and with it GearBrain's picks for the favorite things we saw from arguably the biggest tech show on earth. While we didn't wander the Convention Center from Las Vegas, nor stand in 45 minute lines for a coffee, we did weave through virtual booths, caught up with start-ups and established companies alike to uncover the new technology and most fascinating trends that will impact you this coming year.

Here then are the 15 devices and services, gadgets and gear, that you'll try or certainly know about in 2021, and which earned our Best of CES 2021 Awards.

Hex Home

The upcoming Hex system is a way to think about home security, but without a camera in place. The device looks much like a speaker, but instead of listening for sound, it's reading waves — actually Wi-Fi that is bounced between pods. As people move through the waves, they create breaks and shifts, these disruptions are read by the Hex system and through the app to determine whether these are normal alerts of activity — your child playing in the hallway — or something that requires attention.

There are 10 different sensitivity levels — even one for pets — and two pods plus the main module can cover up to 1,500 square feet. Security cameras are great, but they're certainly something people think about particularly around privacy in their home. We like the direction Hex is considering, a way to know what's happening in the home, without having something looking in if that's not your preference.