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Pro Well Tech: The best tech innovations from CES 2021

March 17, 2021 1 min read

The best tech innovations from CES 2021 | 1/14/2021

There’s always a ton of “innovative” products at CES, and this year’s digital iteration is no different. One of the constant themes is the amount of weird and wonderful devices that give us a refreshing glimpse into the technology.

What was characterized by pure innovation or craziness at CES 2021? We take a look at some of the best tech innovations at the show.


Wi-Fi for motion detection

One of the most interesting innovations touted at CES was the $ 180 Hex Home Security Suite. The Hex Home is an Origin Wireless idea and uses Wi-Fi radio waves for motion detection.

The Hex Home consists of a command device and a plug-in sensor unit, with the technician detecting people moving through the above Wi-Fi waves. By calculating how the waves jump, break, and bend around people, the security suite can output “meaningful” motion detection information.

This all sounds pretty intriguing, and Origin Wireless promises 10 adjustable sensitivity levels (apparently using AI technology) that can be used to filter out pet movements. The company is also promoting the option of covering up to 1,500 square meters with two plug-in sensor units. However, you probably still want a security camera so you can get identifying information and the like. Even so, it seems like a handy addition to the home security field.